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Choosing the Perfect Exterior Paint Hue for Your Home

We all want that kind of home that has a head-turning effect on passersby and is the epitome of perfection, not the bright and flashy ones that irk people. Possessing the best accentuation or combination of colors, exterior house painting in Meridian, ID, can provide tips on choosing the perfect house painting for your dream home.


  • Study Your Home’s Style 


Your house’s style or structure is something you should consider first before painting it with your favorite color. The overall appearance of your home also should be enhanced with the appropriate color combinations to make it your ideal home. Imagine having a historical-style home where you chose bright colors that mixed up into a big mess. 

  • Nature Hue


You should also look around your surroundings and examine their external elements because they play a vital role in the color combination. 

It is like matching or accenting colors that possess that harmonious or calm feeling when you look at them. And not the combination of forest green and pink that are totally in contrast. Additionally, there are many types of landscapes that you should consider before jumping in with the paint: 

1. native or naturalized 

2. rustic

3. informal 

4. contemporary

5. modern

6. beach


  • Color Choice and Combo


Before choosing your favorite color, look at the color wheel first. That will give you an idea that choosing a combination of colors is also needed for the best exterior paint for your home. Consider the shades because exterior painting is composed of three parts. These are the field color (the dominant color), the accent color (including the doors, shutters, and other small areas), and the trim color (window and door casings, railings, roof edges, etcetera). Moreover, contrasting colors can also bring out or accentuate features or details in your home. 


  • Check Your Interiors 


While the exterior appearance turns heads, the interior should have a homey or cozy feeling. Though the exterior and interior are said to be well-coordinated, the interior has to be in harmony with lighter shades of color and be warmer than the exterior. 

 However, according to Bethany Adams of Bethany Adams Interiors, “Your inside and outside need not match.” The interior house painting in Meridian, ID, can provide you with the best paints that provide your desired perfect shades. 


  • Avoid the Trends


While people nowadays tend to be copycats, being different but unique will make the exterior of your house stand out. Getting caught up with the trends nowadays will not make your home look better than the original. It will only be against the house’s landscape and the overall appearance of your home. So, being different doesn’t look bad. 


  • Apply Your Style 


Applying your style is when you decide to bring out your personality or identity through a myriad of abundant colors. Aesthetically done, a painting of anything—for example, a field of flowers that goes well with your home’s perfect landscape—can make it truly stunning. Or a realistic painting of an animal will turn the heads of people passing by.

We, the Northwest Painting Co., possess masterful and professional skills and offer high-quality exterior house painting in Meridian, ID, that meets your expectations. Reach us at 208-570-8282 or email us at northwestpaintingllc.vp@gmail.com.

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